Triflers Need Not Apply is out today!

Hooray! My murder book is out in the UK today, and I’m so very, very thrilled about the reception.

Here’s a couple of lovely quotes:

Based on a true story, with dark humour throughout, you will be hooked


Extraordinary. Bruce does a marvellous job of reimagining this real-life murderer, without excusing her crimes

The Times

Interview with IndyStar

A little while back, I did an interview with the Indianapolis Star about
IN THE GARDEN OF SPITE, and they turned it into a glorious article about Belle and the book.

Since the real Belle Gunness lived — and murdered — in Indiana, it definitely felt like closing a circle.

Here is a quote:

Bruce’s novel does much more than merely set what’s already known about Gunness’ atrocities to a fictional tune. Instead, she imagines how Gunness — a rare female serial killer — might have justified her endeavor. The character is a potent combination of cold sociopath, unfailing pragmatist and unhealed victim.

You can read the interview here

YOU LET ME IN One Year Old!

This pretty, blue bird is one year old today!!!

It’s been quite a ride — truly life changing, and deeply healing on a personal level. I’m beyond thrilled that Cassie and Pepper-Man are still going strong and picking up new readers.

“Smart, creepy . . . glittering and menacing . . . deliciously terrifying.”

Laird Hunt, Guardian

“This beguiling and unsettling debut had me hooked from the first page . . . a unique, strange and defiant folk horror story which lingers long in the memory.”

Daily Express

Pepper-Man is Book of the Year!

Pepper-Man (the German edition of YOU LET ME IN), just won ‘Book of the Year 2020’, courtesy of the good people at

The jury said:

With her debut, Camilla Bruce presents a gripping genre mix of horror, thriller and drama. The fairies, more in fairy tales, are dusted off and drawn into the supposed reality in a dangerously grotesque way. An ambiguous horror tale that stays in people’s heads for a long time thanks to its clever narrative.

You can read more about it here.

In the Garden of Spite has landed!

In the Garden of Spite is a chilling, pitch-perfect novel that should finally make Belle Gunness a household name. A superb and unforgettable read.”

Deanna Raybourn, New York Times bestselling author of A Murderous Relation

My ‘audacious novel of feminine rage’ has arrived in the world, and I just couldn’t be more happy!

Available everywhere for US readers — the rest of us have to order it online.