Interview with IndyStar

A little while back, I did an interview with the Indianapolis Star about
IN THE GARDEN OF SPITE, and they turned it into a glorious article about Belle and the book.

Since the real Belle Gunness lived — and murdered — in Indiana, it definitely felt like closing a circle.

Here is a quote:

Bruce’s novel does much more than merely set what’s already known about Gunness’ atrocities to a fictional tune. Instead, she imagines how Gunness — a rare female serial killer — might have justified her endeavor. The character is a potent combination of cold sociopath, unfailing pragmatist and unhealed victim.

You can read the interview here


I’m so thrilled to learn that an excerpt from
IN THE GARDEN OF SPITE is included in Publisher’s Lunch BUZZ BOOKS 2020 Fall/Winter edition.

Buzz Books 2020 “presents passionate readers with an insider’s look at 30 of the buzziest books due out this fall season”, and can be downloaded for free (if you’re in the US).

If you’re curious about my next novel, this is an excellent way to try it!

Read more and get it here!