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All That Lovely Yarn

First, let it be known that I am not a knitter. I am hopeless at any craft involving fabrics, sticks or needles. I do, however, appreciate a good yarn. Literary yarn that is. Which is why I have zero patience … Continue reading

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Some Very Good Reasons to Love Anne Boleyn

I was first fascinated by Tudor history as a teen, after a chance encounter with a book at the library. I’d heard about the King with all the wives, of course, but never really given it much thought before I … Continue reading

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Books About Houses

I suppose it’s no secret at this point that I love books about houses. I’ve always been fascinated by ‘the haunted house’: its walls with secrets and history etched into the wood, dark cellars with rodents and mystery, chests full of … Continue reading

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No Gossamer Wings

The faeries of UK and Ireland have had another renaissance over the last few years, especially in YA literature and TV. I love it! I am extremely fond of faeries, and books about faeries – almost as fond as I … Continue reading

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This Year’s Halloween Selection

I spent Halloween with my favorite Halloween-girl (and Belladonna partner), Liv Lingborn. We don’t have a longstanding Halloween tradition in Norway, its just the last decade that kids have begun to dress up to go “trick or treating” – so … Continue reading

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Lost and Found

When I wrote “Sugar Dragon”, my yet-to-be-published novel, I did a lot of research on abandoned houses. Nothing tickles the imagination quite like it: the old house with furniture and personal keepsakes intact. When I was a kid, we used … Continue reading

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Most Favorite Fairy Tales

When working on Black Apples for Belladonna Publishing, one of the best things (besides discovering fantastic new stories) was to revisit the original tales for a series of blog posts on our web site. The last decade has mostly been about … Continue reading

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Books About Witches

When I decided to take up blogging, I had this romantic idea that this was supposed to be some sort of outlet: tracing an adventurous writer’s voyage from the big city (well … “biggish”…) to the rural outskirts of nowhere: … Continue reading

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