YOU LET ME IN One Year Old!

This pretty, blue bird is one year old today!!!

It’s been quite a ride — truly life changing, and deeply healing on a personal level. I’m beyond thrilled that Cassie and Pepper-Man are still going strong and picking up new readers.

“Smart, creepy . . . glittering and menacing . . . deliciously terrifying.”

Laird Hunt, Guardian

“This beguiling and unsettling debut had me hooked from the first page . . . a unique, strange and defiant folk horror story which lingers long in the memory.”

Daily Express

Pepper-Man is Book of the Year!

Pepper-Man (the German edition of YOU LET ME IN), just won ‘Book of the Year 2020’, courtesy of the good people at

The jury said:

With her debut, Camilla Bruce presents a gripping genre mix of horror, thriller and drama. The fairies, more in fairy tales, are dusted off and drawn into the supposed reality in a dangerously grotesque way. An ambiguous horror tale that stays in people’s heads for a long time thanks to its clever narrative.

You can read more about it here.

In the Garden of Spite has landed!

In the Garden of Spite is a chilling, pitch-perfect novel that should finally make Belle Gunness a household name. A superb and unforgettable read.”

Deanna Raybourn, New York Times bestselling author of A Murderous Relation

My ‘audacious novel of feminine rage’ has arrived in the world, and I just couldn’t be more happy!

Available everywhere for US readers — the rest of us have to order it online.