Lost and Found

Holland Island

Abandoned building on Holland Island. Flickr photo by baldeaglebluff

When I wrote “Sugar Dragon”, my yet-to-be-published novel, I did a lot of research on abandoned houses. Nothing tickles the imagination quite like it: the old house with furniture and personal keepsakes intact. When I was a kid, we used to go explore them – trespassing, most certainly. I’ll never forget one particular episode when I was about four and entered a room crammed with heaps of old furniture. I was all alone, having lost my fellow culprits, and the room was very dark – then suddenly I saw someone in there, moving. That moment of shock before I realized it was me, reflected in an old mirror, is forever etched into my brain…

Usually what was left behind in those building was not enough to to get a full picture of those who used to live there. Often it was bits and pieces: towels, magazines, broken chairs, a lamp shade… enough to make up a story, but not know the truth. Maybe that was half the charm – to let the imagination soar.

In “Sugar Dragon”, the house is a character in its own right, crucial to the story – so it was important to get it right. The place was to be a haven for little girls, yet have all the characteristics of a classic abandoned house. So I did the inspirational research – and on my way across the the internet I found a lot of gems – like these, who would be more than worthy of stories of their own:

Dutch photographer Niki Feijen specializes in abandoned farm houses and urban exploration. I particularly like the faded faith in this one:

dutch abandoned house

More pictures from this series

Finnish photographer Kai Fagerstrom’s series “The House in the Woods”, captures forest animals who has moved in to the abandoned buildings:

Forest-Animals-in-Abandoned-Houses-by-Kai-Fagerstrom-17-600x504  Forest-Animals-in-Abandoned-Houses-by-Kai-Fagerstrom-10-600x429  Forest-Animals-in-Abandoned-Houses-by-Kai-Fagerstrom-7-600x926  Forest-Animals-in-Abandoned-Houses-by-Kai-Fagerstrom-8-600x399

More forest animals

From “Billionaires Row” in London, where investment houses are falling apart – bought but never used (Photo: Graeme Robertson):


More urban decay

Photographer Daniel Marbaix’s photos of a house who used to belong to a doctor – complete with medical equipment:

slide_313991_2826648_free  slide_313991_2826654_free

More pictures

Madame de Florian left Paris during WWII never to return. The apartment was paid for but never entered until recently, when an auctioneer went inside to find a time capsule from 1942, complete with dust and emu:

paris-time-capsule3  paris-time-capsule6

More Paris 1942

… It’s impossible not to fall in love.

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  1. Loved the pictures of the houses! And the fox 🙂


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